Bordeaux Echos / ATT and PROCESS2WINE join together to propose a global traceability solution, from the vineyard to the bottle

ATT and PROCESS2WINE join together to propose a global traceability solution, from the vineyard to the bottle

ATT Advanced Track and TraceVisit ATT and Process2Wine at the VINITECH 2012 exhibition in Bordeaux, France, from November 27th to 29th, 2012, on INNOVIN’s booth 1B3206.


ADVANCED TRACK & TRACE offers field-proven, sustainable solutions for traceability and brand protection. Developing durable and smart applications for business customers, ATT supplies independent, cutting-edge technology solutions for real-time answers to the evolving field issues, without modifying existing processes.

PROCESS2WINE, the innovative wine production management solution, makes it possible to manage and better plan all the works carried on in the property. Cloud-hosted, P2W enables to follow up and lead works from a smartphone or tablet (iPhone, iPad, Android), and to blend these technical data within a powerful Geographic Information System to provide a mapping, available on the internet via PC, tablet or Smartphone.

The interface offered by ATT and P2W associates each single bottle to its corresponding preparation order and pick-up order. Onto the bottles, information is made available for the Chateau’s managers (sales representatives, controllers), partners, wine merchants, distributors, professionals as well as the final consumers. This solution provides different check-up levels, in a simple and direct way, from a Smartphone.

This solution can be set up and integrated easily to existing equipment.


Report at Château Biston Brillette



ATT Advanced Track and TraceADVANCED TRACK & TRACE – +33 (0)1 47 16 64 72
99 avenue de la Châtaigneraie – 92500 Rueil-Malmaison France




Process 2 WinePROCESS2WINE
+33 (0)5 35 54 00 35
19 rue Jean Odin
33000 Bordeaux FRANCE

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